From There To Here

Took a while
To get from there
To here
From far
To near
Eradicate the fear
You took my smile
Made me cry
Forgot laughter
Accepted never after
When you left
What you said
In my head
Heart left for dead
When you wed
What she said
Makes sense
I am so sorry
For me it cannot be
For me there’s no
What you have is real,
So, She didn’t steal
You were never mine
And now I’m fine
Crossed some line
Previously undefined
Maturity achieved
When I ceased to
And, I make my own
Forever after
Design a life
Within disaster
And in this way
I reclaim laughter
The fine lines
Around tired eyes
Finally resigned
Not bound by lies
So, you take care
Be happy
Be content
Find peace without
While within bent
I am not sorry
I’ll take my time
Please do not worry
I will be fine
Remember always
The price of a crime
Humanity delivered
Humility shivered
I’ve paid for mine
Please do not worry
I’m relieved
And know I am sorry
It took a while
To get from there
To here
From far
To near
To finally know
To let you go
Last night I finally slept
Thankful that you left

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Dragon Heart

I said goodbye
Helped pack
Watch my back
Too Straight
In been woman
In no tears
In the choosing of sides
And the going
While, In my head
Where the dragons live
I was breathing fire
From my mouth, instead
Said, “Go well, be happy..”
One more time a liar
But the fires consume me
The heat builds, the anger red
A pierced heart, a beast fed
I shall dine tonight on regret
A respect ransacked
Lost on so many levels
Yet, once replete, satisfied
My heart says; Move your Feet!
And After love has died
I Stoke embers in remembrance
So I….
Don’t make the same mistake again

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Need To

You’ve said, “You need to remember..”
Each time you forget,
To love me or hold me
As if I should regret,
And am somehow responsible,
For your neglect
I’m saying, “You need to remember…”
That I believed you and I held true
When failure was new
That I kissed you and missed you
When the rain rained through
I kept to my promise, I still love you.
We said, “We need to remember…”
How good we are together
I did and I do
And if I broke your heart
You broke mine, too
And if honesty broke you and me
I guess then we’re free
And what is left to remember
Is what we will never be

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The Good Mother

The Good Mother
Grubby hands
Soiled or spoiled
Reach and grab
The Good Mother
Will Understand
She can smother
Her love is interwoven
With smiles
And a clean slate
If needed
Always there
The Good Mother
She can break
On a lifetime of forgiveness
Still she gives this
Her all
Her Fall
The grey that gathers
In long awaited dawns
Spawns no hate
It stays, in place
Even Precariously footed
Devotedly rooted
The Good Mother
Didn’t choose
How the cards will lay
She plays her hand
Even in Loss
She is Mother
God lays His hand
Upon her head
While Angels follow
As her prayers are said
The Good Mother
Is sometimes less
She fails or triumphs
As Fortune’s guest
She has no handbook
She learns
As she loves
A Life sometimes broken
She learns to look up
Those prayers softly spoken
For inspiration
And the divine
The Good Mother
If blessed
Knows she Will have time
She is proudly resistant
She tries not to fail
Hopefully Persistent
She knows….
She is the glue
That’s keeps a family together
Love is a gift, infinite
This is Especially true
When a Mother has children
Like I do

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I was beyond redemption
I searched for the lie
I was beyond the laughter
I stopped asking why
You heard me, I know
Took my hand, took it slow
Took my heart, so beat up
You loved me, that’s enough
To believe in redemption
To deny the lie
To find my laughter
And start asking why
You are the man I chose
The disappointment clears
As You hold me close,
Bravely kiss away tears
No knight in shining armor, yet
Pledge protect my honor
Man who stands between
The world I see and the hurt in me
To see with eyes, the unseen
To believe You love me true;
I am finally redeemed
And; I am so in love with you

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In your Absence

In your absence
I wear your clothes
Flip floppy arms
And hug me fashions
In your absence
I sleep alone
Toss and turn
& Please myself passions
In your absence
I wake each day
I talk and I work
In constant prayer diligence
In your absence
I’ve become strength
Not teary eyed
Accustomed to your distance
In your absence
I find myself
Not girl, but woman
Firm footed with your guidance
In your absence
I am whole
Yet always half of you
Apart from all my nonsense
In your absence
I am laughter
Shared once is as forever
Echoes on to give me balance
In your absence
I’ve found hours
Time plays a silly game
& Ticks quickly as condolence
In your absence
We are one
In word, in deed, in promise
We Love with perfect reverence

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It is more than a good deed, or a bad deed – it is intent….

Sometimes no thought
Just his lies
And she cries
Can see it in her eyes
The mistrust
The distrust
Sometimes to do; you must
Let him go
So she’ll know
That true colours will show

It is not the deed, it’s the intent
And how she’s bent
From wind and trees
And love that flees
And roots too slow, that grow too late
A spate
Of hurried words, of favour lost
Oh what cost
This life we lead
Forego our need
Trust not the deed or believe
In oceans wide
And current’s tide
Too immense to hide

Those sacred vows, arms they fall
Eyes evade
She knows he lied
She knows he tried
She knows he went
And, that……is intent

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Forgive me

Forgive me for shouting
I needed some space
“Get outta my bed, outta my head..”
You left when I pushed you
I’m lost in my waste
Your theft is each moment
And; your kiss I still taste
I cannot replace
I can barely accept
I loved as you were leaving
I can never forget
Or, know how to connect
And, I only see your face
But, It is pointless if loving
Means I have lost
To love while not believing
Is a sin beyond my Grace
There’s too much left unsaid
And; too much we have sharedIf you loved me as you left me
If I believe you also cared
Then, we both went away
We were too easily scared
So, we both have love disgraced
And I would do everything
To have you home, in your place

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Unpacking Grief

After months,
I unpack what Was
Still scared
Like a grief demon
On the prowl
My little treasures
Make me howl
At God, the moon
Some haphazard
Packed in haste
Didn’t stop to taste
The waste
Some wrapped carefully
Pictures of you,
And us
Bubble wrapped,
So, smile I must
At your playful side
I threw in boxes
Tried to hide
The me that hurt
The me that cried
Too busy, no place
To read your words
Blocked your shroud
Faked made proud
To set down these
While on knees
I pray
And thank God
You are kept safe,
While I hid you, Inside
Climbed walls
At night,
Fearing the light
Heard your calls
And saw you
With second sight
I did what’s right
Mistakes included
In glorious life
Now concluded
On display
I had your space
Beside my heart
I place your pictures
Not too far apart
Now, I see your smile
I have overcome
I have won
In my own way
I see you, and say
Thank You Mom
I am alive today

I sent a little girl to War

So sure of myself
Stood without help, and
I sent a little girl to war
So scared of myself
Heart upon a shelf, and
At this age I stand in awe
I am here,
No-one heard me roar
I am too quiet
I’m left counting score
The game that changed
Then changed again
The lover gone
Now calls me friend
The tears in vain
Feasted on my pain
The friend I loved
And lost too soon
The wasted years
In a gloomy room
Advice backfired
And glory contrived
Now only tired
I do not deny it
No passionate pretense
It was the real deal
If at my expense
At least I got to feel
There is a road less traveled
I walk it every day
If there is absolution
I missed it
I blew it
Because you got away
And all this heartache
This is my life
I would not trade this path
Or be another’s wife
If all this was for my sake
The failure is not my own
I think you’re kicking sandcastles
Because that was not my home
I walk on as I always did
I walk and I won’t stay
One day perhaps you’ll realize
I am the one who got away
If for my love I must suffer
If to my tomb I must bear
Then I will thank you kindly
Now I can wisely compare
Above, as below
Whatever age you dress me
Always, I will know
It’s you who showed me where
I sent a little girl to war
And, war is never fair
I sent a little girl to war
Didn’t expect to find you thereImage

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