A Season’s End

Though Apart we met,
one Summer’s day
The heated air thick
with sweat, and love decay
I should not have called
I longed and came to forget
That I promised to let you go
You said, “Today is the last..,
..This will not happen again.”
I think I had an inkling
I think I knew it then
Though, I know what I was thinking
And I know you were not my friend
You were more hers than mine
When you didn’t make the time
When next I asked you please
You answered, “No,” too gently
If it hurt you, it didn’t show
I ached, for us one more time
Persuaded, jaded
at odds with the our tide
And, you wouldn’t, couldn’t
Ignored in silence; where you hide
To never feel you again
Yes, I agree as lover I died
That last Summer of my life
My heart heavy in my chest
I accepted, said,
“I’m sorry….I won’t ask again.”
While your silence kept tempting
I watched my sun set in the west
All Summers have an ending
You are the Summer I loved best
Now it is night, and I am over,
In day you are released
While your sun rises in the East
Winter is now my season,
That heart heavy encased in snow,
I am brittle, I am treason
I lied in truth, but I loved you so


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