You Hurt, I Hurt

I watched him scream
My gaze microscopic
Seeing beyond sound
To beneath, underground
I told him to hush
Take it like a man
While wound wept yellow
And clenched fist was his hand
Then red joined in sympathy
The scab left to hang
From all that bang, bang…bang
Of the boy trying to leave the man
Not long after, he kissed me goodbye
Said…’I love you, Mom’
I saw his tears had dried
Then, tonight
After my bath, I stubbed my toe
Watched nail…bloodied; nowhere to go
I was screaming, so much pain
Tears down flushed cheeks ran
I hopped to my room, race!
To find my safe place…
No-one awoke, all was quiet
I realized my screams had all been silent

I love you, my son
Forgive me…I was wrong
When you hurt, let it out
If it helps, you can shout
I should know better, my son
My own pain I’ve tried to hide
Turned bitter, withered – it lives inside

Forgive me, my son
Your pain is real….and
I could not see
That no arms around you
Meant…no arms around me


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