I Love You

I love the way you
Greet a neighbor with a smile or wave
I love it when you
Tell me I’m beautiful, when I’m barely awake
I love how you
Stop to help a child, no matter how busy you are
I love that you
Wish the best for me, even when I’m running away
I love that you
Appreciate everything I do
I love that
My opinion means so much to you
I love how you
Would do anything I ask
I love that you
Reason with me, remove my mask
I love how you
Tickle my back when a headache attacks
I love that you
Are passionate, yet grounded in facts
I love it when you
Calm my fears and believe in me
I love it that
I am your best place to be
I love how you
Freed me, released me yet still hold on tight
I love that you
Say, ‘I love you’, before you sleep, every night
I love how when I’m with you
Goose bumps, butterfly flutters are part of our charm
I love how you’ve
Removed hurt in layers, and fight to keep me from harm
I love that
You see me, believe me and bathe me in light
I love how
You comfort me, when I’m lost ~ even wrong; and you are right
I love that
You love me, totally ~ and know I’m your true wife
I love you
Completely ~ And, I will, for the rest of my life Image


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