I sent a little girl to War

So sure of myself
Stood without help, and
I sent a little girl to war
So scared of myself
Heart upon a shelf, and
At this age I stand in awe
I am here,
No-one heard me roar
I am too quiet
I’m left counting score
The game that changed
Then changed again
The lover gone
Now calls me friend
The tears in vain
Feasted on my pain
The friend I loved
And lost too soon
The wasted years
In a gloomy room
Advice backfired
And glory contrived
Now only tired
I do not deny it
No passionate pretense
It was the real deal
If at my expense
At least I got to feel
There is a road less traveled
I walk it every day
If there is absolution
I missed it
I blew it
Because you got away
And all this heartache
This is my life
I would not trade this path
Or be another’s wife
If all this was for my sake
The failure is not my own
I think you’re kicking sandcastles
Because that was not my home
I walk on as I always did
I walk and I won’t stay
One day perhaps you’ll realize
I am the one who got away
If for my love I must suffer
If to my tomb I must bear
Then I will thank you kindly
Now I can wisely compare
Above, as below
Whatever age you dress me
Always, I will know
It’s you who showed me where
I sent a little girl to war
And, war is never fair
I sent a little girl to war
Didn’t expect to find you thereImage


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Melissa
    Jan 28, 2014 @ 13:09:25

    Is this you or your daughter? Or both?


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