Disappointments are a Killer

You wrote, with a face contorted
Disappointments are a killer
I answered, with conviction
The victories keep us alive
I knew you held those pills
In the middle of the night
I knew you wrestled demons
And sometimes lost the fight
Astounding Faith
More tried and tested
Than those who don’t believe
The Devil tries, though does realize
Your God will never leave
I know you won, more than once
And cried in an Angel’s arms
It is only a slight reprieve
When winning brings relief
I understand, it is so hard
When the doubts again come knocking
Convincing whispers in the dark
Your every fear unlocking
You said, disappointments are a killer
And, I could see they’ve left their mark
I tried to find that conviction
But, I found could not impart
When truth is my completion
I held you toward the light
I found it impossible to see
Because as much as I seek truth
Lost in that dark
The light – It came from you
You think you are weak in flesh
That you struggle on alone
I see, though my eyes are tired
And I am me, and so confess
Your strength is strongest in weakness
Your Light purest in undress
And, the Devil is a liar
God Always Loved you best
So, when you fight the night
Know He enfolds you in His Grace
He holds you ever Higher
To reveal His beauty in your Face
Yes, disappointments are a killer
From this we cannot hide
Each disappointment is a stepping stone
‘Til in Victory you’re at God’s side

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Melissa
    Feb 01, 2014 @ 01:45:33

    Hi Lulu – beautiful! I am always saddened when I read your stuff. Glad to know you are well. God Bless you in your new home!! Love Melly


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