The Deal

It is the land in between. Where earth holds death; until rest is found. When moon is high, and crests are fallow, and full moon trusts in shadow.

The forest is deep, wet~~soiled
She enters, young, face unspoiled.
Beauty that walks in sadness

Coiled Crone beneath withered oak
Teeth blackened, mouth spoke;
I see you….Human!!
Leave!! You are not welcome
I cannot help you….

No hesitation, approach continues
Slow, certain walk. Desperate issues!

Why you here?
Why your human tear?
What are you asking of me,
Little thing, human dear?

She has come from a far place
She has come to find some grace

No! It cannot be done~
If I could lie, I would;
Maybe try~~but;
Answers have Consequences
Twill not be right
I can’t give you light
Or second sight
Or a do over
He is yours, you wove him
You know him
Speak softly, he will hear
But, dead will still be dead
I cannot change my said
In eyes downcast
In spells that last
In voodoo repast
Take back blood
Lip sync and dubbed
In red ribbons of love
Mired in mud, heart flood
This wish you cannot obtain
For it uses magic, uses new;
Again & again
Promises all; blithely inane
Leave well what you wished to obtain
Soon enough human, you too will end
Do not meddle
In the incredible or cannot mend
Dislodge creature on your back
Does not your bidding do
No loyalty on attack
Listens always for Master due
That beauty, is not you
Young human~~listen true
Leave this place now, what you must do
Desire not beyond the permitted,
Cesspool pitted, sulphur soak
Leave before you have no hope!

Witch, take my young beauty…..
for I’m the one who breaks.
Witch, sincere and with no pity, can you show where my love sleeps? Can you show me where he wakes?

You get but one life – it is your blessing, a gift; it came with duty. Think deep, no hope in defeat? This certain speak and no return to here~~~Ah, so loss too great to bear? Acceptance is forever! You understand, my sweet?

I accept! Dirt, take my sleep. Take me home, where I am no longer alone. Witch, deal struck, as I have said: show me now, our eternal bed.

~~ A spine of stone may return home
May Choose instead another way,
May Carry on, another path after or Choose light, love and laughter ~~

Cackle Pointed crooked finger
Go Girl! Run!! There lies your sweetheart, catch him while you can~~before he greets the Reaper.

Head held high. In regal step she moves forward, falls to knees. Eyes glaze tired, human mired, takes rotting hand to lips. From beneath damp forest debris, a lover’s eternal kiss; and lay together final.

The deal is struck, payment in hand~~one long strand; of beauty’s hair
The master comes soon,
He rides the full moon
She was my 7th today,
Fool humans who do not walk away,
They walk toward death
They choose love and stay

23 more souls I will bring to rest. Before I too am blessed~~ unholy, eternal sleep. Until then, I do.
Administrate. Orchestrate.
Someone else’s fate. I hope I’m not too late; my love, please wait!!

Photo Courtesy of Dark Chest of Wonders by Gilraen_Ar_Feiniel
VIA Star / FB

Posted By PastelPoetry from WordPress


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