Simplicity would seem a test
A life cut to the bone
Keeping what you love best
Takes a lifetime to hone
Yet; we are not alone
In seeking, Or speaking
The little truths
These All add up, All abide
When simplicity
And truth collide
And each gentle aside
A nudge from God
To let you know…you know
And though sometimes odd
That voice in your head
Interprets what was said
And adjusts it just so
Interprets your lesson
Decides what to let go
Then; when the life you lead
Is Free of need, From removal
And survival… Is instinctive
Simplicity just is,
And there’s no need for approval


I recently found it necessary to change my status on Facebook to “In a Relationship”. For the record, I am single, just sick to death of it not been acceptable 😉 So, as far as the rest of the world is concerned I am now “happy” – go figure!

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