I don’t cry

When I hurt, I don’t cry
When I’m caught, I don’t lie
I find your excuses tedious
I find your silence needless
If for having an opinion
You’re spiteful, dish oblivion
That’s a choice you make
That’s a trait innate
But, that’s not me, I’m free
From game, innuendo and blame
If my honesty offends
Then don’t wait for apology
The tree of me bends
For no man, and I’m not sorry
But, if I’m hurt, it does damage
And my heart in safety salvage
Builds walls tall, strong protect
From lies, whys and love offense
If you see no tears, that’s my defense
It doesn’t mean I feel no pain
It means you failed, once again
Your loss is someone else’s gain

Posted By PastelPoetry from WordPress


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