You be hers, I’ll be fine

In my dream, I see you; smiling
Your eyes close, in ecstasy
You don’t see me
In my dream, I see her; smiling
Eyes open wide, in victory
She sees me
In that dream, I am less
She has you, will now possess
All that was once mine
I am forgotten, out of time
I am alone, I am a shell
You are hers, a calculated crime
She is your passion, she is my hell
She holds so gently, then pulls
Her fingers on your head
As you harden, my broken heart cools
In this dream, I see our bed
As bodies lift, invite desire
Once mine, now you’re her fire
Your hands, your fingers…
Your lips, love bites
You enter her, now new heights
I walk away, she knows she wins
She has you, a shiny new toy
This is no dream, I am fully awake
She can have you, a fleeting joy
I cannot stay, you made a mistake
Wish you were not…so easy to take
You be hers, I will be fine
When this is over
I will draw the line
There will be no compassion
I don’t care if you’re crying
Wipe your tears, like I wiped mine
Yes, You were hers, but I will be fine

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