Love You To The Moon (And Back)


His two year old hand,
Placed confidently in mine
He looked up at me.
Like he knew I’d understand.
Missing a tooth, he smiled;
As he whispered endearingly,
“Do you wanna know a secret?”
I bent, and gave him a kiss.
Unbearably delighted, I could only say,
“Yes please….”

He said, “I told my Mommy….,
I love her to the Moon and Back..”
I saw his earnest face,
The truth inside a child.
I said,
“I am sure she loves you too, exactly just like that!”

Honesty nodding – washed hair wild, he heartily agreed: “Yes, I think she does.
She tells me, again and again. But, I wanna know….can I love you, too, as much as my Mommy; and straight up to the moon?”
I answered, swallowed the pain; “Well, I’m sure that you can; every person that you love, has their very own special star.
See how many stars, so far….yet looking down at you?”
“That’s how very special you really, truly are…”

Little boy so scared; bravely asked his biggest fear:
“What if something happens, and someone’s just too far?”

I thought about an answer.
I saw the worry in his face.
I answered, “You are loved; even when someone leaves this place.”
He sighed with relief. Unimaginably pure belief.
Silently, I watched him stare,
way off into space, imagine him imagining, that he saw You there.

In a suddenly hushed room, a little heart admitted;
“I don’t think Gran’s a star, I think she is the moon…!”

I felt a tear fill my eye…..
I held him gently, softly asked,
“Can you tell me why?”

Eyes wide, incredible; yet believing just enough:
“When I move, the moon does too,”
He ran in a circle, his face up to the sky. An incandescent purple, an obvious reply, “I think Gran is bigger…’cos she sees me and Mom AND you.”


This is based on a real conversation with my nephew, 2 years old at the time. It took place shortly after my Mom passed away last year.
The little man is now a whole 3 years old! He wants to be a fireman, he is so fearful yet so brave and I love him so much it hurts.
Love You To the Moon and Back ‘Lil Guy, Aunty L

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