Castles in the Air

Inside, something trusted
It bleeds for your lies
I tried, held my heart
To staunch the flow
Bloody prose to show
Wounded too deep
I wanted too much
I hurt myself, touched
A part of the night sky
When it mirrored love
Then jealousy came home
It lingered on your skin
Now everything…is less somehow
Since you dropped me from above
Everything is a test somehow
I don’t know how to begin
Even giving you my best, now
Would Seem a parody; enough
If this failure the result
How can it be my fault

If jealousy were an island
I’d rule each day, a Queen
Wither, bitter locked away
You’d hate me, but be King

There would be silent enemies
I’d stop her at the shore
And stop them at the gate,
Jealously ask the stories
That sealed my lonely fate
While the telling leaves me raw
Violent memories pushed too hard
It’s arrogance that sealed the gate
Concentrated trouble at my door
Of a heart that love too much

Where do I go to forget
Your face, our place, the love, my regret
Everything was not alright
The night you brought her home
I defy myself and see you
Her scent clings to your phone
I’m stripped of self-respect
I admit the truth is a challenge
As she leads you and you are lost
While I still linger here
For once please be honest
Here is my love – Renounce it
As I hold the castle floor for balance
The place I built for you
Is empty, that is true
Still my biggest fear
You never belonged to begin
In bones love remains aching
And, I cannot find where you hide
Only know you are not inside

So I say….stay hidden
There is no more need nor the desire
When living is wrapped insincere
I built this castle in the air
The rooms are new
Furniture, too
The view has changed
Of course, no more you
My life less strange
Eyes that see clearly
Cease watch for warning signs
Or ships to bring you home
Like longing I sang in a song
Believe me, I loved you dearly
And screamed lyrical when it died
I say it is my life
My love and my infinite loss,
I arrived and I will leave
Always, in my own time
Now that I am in charge
And, I command the guards
And I need not think or speak
Or pray after your depleting
Though your going left me weak

I remember love
Love never meant cheating
To now disallow even a piece
I know that is not enough
But, I aim to live with no deceit
And with relief,
Repeat: Stay hidden
Maybe you will learn
And, until it hurts
Love isn’t complete
It packs heat, it kills – it is learning
It breaks me now,
So I stop hoping, there is no Foghorn
I don’t await your return

There is a castle, beautiful
But, empty….so do not seek
Or wonder where I’ve hid
Step lightly, quietly
Listen please
For ghosts that continue to weep
Or, perhaps just beyond belief
Do not disturb slumber
Of love held too far under
Dead, overhead and whispering said
Don’t go, and pistol’s thunder

Photo Credit:
Black Magic – Sarah_Fantom
Everything Under The Moon/Facebook

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