Treasure Chest

That locked box where you stockpile
The things that no-one sees
The darkness you know too well
Your languid perusal of these….
Tiny folded boxes, atrophied dreams
Address secrets of jealousies
And cadaverous deficiencies
In a locked box with your tools
Where you practiced fooling fools
With lipstick stained failures
Your shiny trinkets,
The cross, a ring and bones
The delinquent prayers
Blue ribbon tied baby shoes
Stained, when too many tears fell
The memory brings you to your knees
When you unlock your safe box hell
With a key you’ve kept
A copy of a copy
Because trust is a disease
At which you’re so adept
And Love is a virus that kills
You deny it, but
You cried from it
Now hide from it
Because you know how it feels
Cobwebs hug tightly, each red corner
Destroyed humanity, or denied hurt
You know you chose the former
Before I laid me down to keep
These secrets that I love so deep
And, I swore I’d keep for you
It remains hidden
If it does not exist
It cannot reveal
What it does not feel
There is no entrance
There is no fee
You cannot steal
What’s always been free
It is a charming sentence
In a world you’ve made unreal
In a mind of carefully worded twists
Treasure chest of forgotten
Crusted bloodied when you cared
Still you never compromised
Superstitiously, never dared
If your secrets are worth that much
It is true that you’ve been wise
Locked away long enough
Even truths can become lies
When there’s nothing left to discuss
Folded red ribbons of circles
Repeat chants of love miracles
Chart waning and waxing moon
Your strongest Magic works here
Your life force trapped in a room
As you speak in softest kisses
It’s what you do to conceal
And, to keep your box of secrets
You kept the last of all your wishes
Decided in ashes of trust denied
As If given
As it is riven
You are not winning
It is as it has been written
I know I’d better warn you, though
The ultimate price of sinning
These decisions were not up to you
They are Divine, not for The Living
You need to be aware of this
It is infinite, and Angels attest
Lest the dark night becomes a noose
Bravely open that treasure chest
They demand you let your demons loose
It is freedom, and only you can choose


Photo Courtesy of,
Treasure Chest Aged 90 by
Greenman’s Door by Kuoma
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Who are You?

Who are you
When did you change
You said, I’ll be back tomorrow
It has all been so strange
You’ve been too long delayed
Waiting, Loving
Those principles of yours, set in stone
Where did they go
You said you were coming home
Just going to clear your mind
If you were really so lonely
Why wouldn’t you return
Perhaps, you’d gone too far
And couldn’t find your way
Maybe throughout it all
You never meant to stay
Help me let you go
Help me as I fall
It hurts, help me learn
I know you compromised who you are
But, when did you settle
For less than what was best
Explain it, so I know
Because I thought we were perfect
The things I prayed for you
I kept watch, a sentinel
You didn’t bother coming back
And now you never will
When did lying
Become second nature
You are not even trying
To help me figure it out
Who is this new you
Where is my old friend
I didn’t think I’d hate again
Or ever have such doubt
I take back my blessings
Stitched dropped, one by one
You hate it when I shout
But, I don’t know what I’ve done
I need my blessings more
You won’t explain what it’s about
The last thing I expected
Was to feel so neglected
And that you’d be my abandonment
Can’t believe you’d have a hand in it
And, that I’d be kicked out the door
You knew I had my reasons
I never meant to bore you
Or ignore you
I adored you
This has cut me to the core
Yes, I take back all the good
I had in store for us
It was meant for someone else
Someone I could trust


A season apart by NanFe on DeviantART

Pick me apart by Kanjimaru67

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Not A Garden

He said: I’m so sorry, we need to talk
He said: I love only you
He said: I’ve missed you

She said: Would you like to see my garden?
It’s where I go to play
It is where my heart is less guarded
And, my hurt not overtly on display

He said: Would you like to see the sea side?
Maybe run into the waves
You know that’s a kinda freedom
The type I do believe saves

She said: I like it in my garden
I go there everyday
I know it’s very quiet
But, it’s where I’m really safe

He said: Let’s go somewhere neutral
Get all this out the way
I’m so sorry I was brutal
And, that I’ve been so long away

She said: Yes, but you need to see
what loving did to me
I need this from you please

He said: Take me to your garden
Show me where you play
Show me what my love did
When I went away

She took him to her garden
She said: I’ve found a fresh approach
She said: please don’t hurry darling
It will take an hour at most
I asked before, be patient, come
Walk with me, your last duty done
I know it seems very lonely
I know it may make you scared
But, when you see my garden
You will understand how much I cared

He held her hand and followed
Though trepidation filled his heart
He expected to find it fallow
But, was fascinated from the start
Obviously carefully hidden
Inside, It was bright and full of trees
Though some shadows at the edges
She was keeping them at bay
With the flowering of yellow Jessemine
The flourishing of unusual bouquets
Around the perimeter, just out of sight
Some only little buds, still needing time
Hemlock ponds decorated just right
Greeting nature’s wondrous art
Demand attention at the Garden’s heart
Paid homage to a huge Manchineel
An Angelic fountain slightly to the left
It’s cool watery eyes gushed never spent
The Monkshood hugged cement
The Windflowers grew on a green bed
Surrounded by violet Larkspur
He followed her where she led
She pointed to the Doll’s Eyes
He touched it all in awe
These grew untamed just to the right
They tell no lies, white without sight
They walked a little more
Near pink bushels, Hearts of Jesus
And the blooms of non or believers
A circle of dells
Homed darker maroon Fairy Bells

She said: Come talk to me
He said: I admit, you’ve created beauty

They sat near the fountain
In a niche of tree stumps and rocks
A Golden Chain swayed in the breeze
Another of her rooted trees
And under the
Oleander’s Sweetest scent
Joined with the musty myriad of leaves
The unimaginable array of hues
Blessed a tangible planting of her Mews

She said: I made this garden, to share with you
He said: You are so beautiful, what an amazing thing to do

She leaned in close and kissed his lips. Shared nectar in tiny sips. Suddenly, a sliver of sun shone through, but even the brightest still seemed to shine blue. He looked at her and wary now, he said, “I’m finding it hard to breathe…” She nodded and said, “Come lay your head….and soon you will find relief.”

Confusion and terror as he sank into her. Disbelief that he had been tricked. Ragged gasps, he could barely speak, but driven….rasped, “What is this?”

She held him tenderly, surrounding by flower and leaf. She looked around and nodded, as he took a last blue mottled breath, then slowly he was dragged away by treacherous thieving leaves. Her garden spoke to her, in rustling whispers of reverence. It was innately greedy for every inch of it was poisonous.

She said: You know I love you, only you.
Garden said: True. We love you, too.
She said: You will hold my heart in safety? Garden said: Always, we keep it for you. And, always we will be waiting.

Fairies, Myths, and Magic
Fairy Cliche by ggatz


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Thin Walls

Walls thin
The voices penetrate
At first, just disagreeing
Escalates to shouts
Of her head as it hits wood
I am insulated, if reminded
My eyes cry her tears
I wish she would walk out
Why stay
She’s in the way
And his aim is true
I did, I do
Everyday, in my mind, I leave you
I cannot
I will not
Feel her, when she was me
I nearly killed her
In the name of “love”,
Stays too true
A lifetime of forgive me
Until the choice is simple
If you’re blessed
Then love again, gentle
Removed from the mess
Heart incorrectly wired
Once replaced
No more trace
Of ignorance
Don’t live compliance
With an Unrecognized Face
Head rewired
Instead show defiance
Make freedom your safe place
If you must have scars
Call them your trophies
Break the prison bars
And go, please!

Painting courtesy of:
Bruised Face, Broken Heart
by AbbasGirl

This work is oil on canvas. Reference photo by Warrengoldswain at

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Together, No

One Try
It runs red, crimson
You and me, deplete
Bathtub tomb
Consume my crying womb
Breasts compressed
Depressed by swell
A mother’s hell, yes…but
Hit you hard, I can tell
Ashen cheeks
And your silence speaks
Noose around your neck
Holds Hurt in check
Can’t help my guilt
Or walls we’ve built
And I curl up tight
As You pull away at night
And I’m somehow less
Can’t Reach you; can’t
Bless Fatherhood
I understand the mood
Your disappointed relief
Too late, time ticks; a thief
Infant gone to grave
Like hope we couldn’t save
One broken try, enough
Your mind made up
The discussion concluded
The price, a soul you’ve precluded
I expected the nail
I expected a coffin
I expected the banging
But, not all the locking
You forgot about me
Desperately knocking
My hands as tired as my hope
Still can’t shake the belief
Together, maybe we would cope
Together, maybe

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365 Days

365 days
You left me
The days I counted in sorrow
A desire for sins unknown
The truth due home today
Maybe will be here tomorrow
I phone, and press end call
Until 31 shots of forgetfulness
Make me courageously tall
Leave me breathless on the line
You say, “Why are you counting time?”
As if leaving me was fine
And if 100 days in means a soft caress
You know I know it wasn’t mine
I promised myself I won’t recall
And, I don’t need you to confess
And 200 days in when I’m willing to stop
You say, “I will write again next Sunday.”
Yes, I hoped for a sunshiny ending
A lifetime of happiness
Instead of the message you’re sending
That you could not care less
I admit it you are winning
365 days of absence
Of abstinence, of without
Your hands, your eyes, your laughter
365 days!! I shout!
You say, “I will see you someday, for now there’s too much damage.”
Hating you was not my choice
It came with our happy never after
365 days came in and went out
I think I’ve done quite well
I even forget to think of you
It took a year, and it isn’t a disaster
Don’t bother to phone, or write or come home,
I think by now I’ll manage

😀 This is my answer!


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Fanciful, Fun and kinda Factual

I know I said you can take it
My life not worth much
But, I exchanged my ticket
When I decided not to not fight
Gave back the monkey’s paw
Off on a tangent
A tirade, a rant
The complainant
Complained on
Arguably, not wrong
But, she never did recant
An agent misunderstood
Intention well placed
Even the jury
Or a two faced liar
Could not decide
Which was prior
And, ran away to hide
While facts came down the wire
They Hid from view
Climbed ever higher
Until in a fall to death
Met the clean-up crew
From that height, it was
Unabridged spite
With so little remorse
Justice needed swerving
Enough to fill a landfill
I was just there,
Innocently observing
Then nervous as I saw my fate
I’d better get outta Dodgeville
Before they served me on a plate
In the end it does not matter
Who ate or who was serving
Someone must pay
It is nature’s way
And, aren’t we all deserving?
Start as you continue
Be careful what you say
Just as you enjoy the view
Someone says, “Outta my way…”
Be firm in your actions
So it can’t be misconstrued
If Your no stays no
And your yes is always yes
People come to count on it
And say,
“She’s innocent! Don’t be rude!”

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Friend in Grief

A friend in grief
Is a friend who needs
A friend who grieves
Knows that everybody leaves
The deepest night is somehow kind
More gentle on sorrow
More convincing absent sound
Than daylight hours
That prove You are not around
We forge a bond
In midnight talks
Stronger than tomorrow
Longer than the flowers
I pressed for memory
When I speak of You
And she answers me
And her heart is breaking
In testimony
While mine is finding peace
And I can comfort
And I can share release
Because a shattered heart
Means more than one piece
To fill with love and patience
And loss and misery
Thank you for sharing
Your truth with me
My friend before loss
My friend throughout
And when the sun does rise
And, tears silently shout
Know I am at your side
And, when it sets again
I am here
I am near
That will never end
And, always
I will be…..Your Friend
The Tree of Life
Brings us back again

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I counted my demons
Accumulated, fed, destroyed, stronger
I counted my reaction time
Fought, slower, lost, longer
I counted blessings
That just made me mad
I’ve wrestled for so long, now
Counted blessings make me sad
I tallied words, hurts and tears
Included hope, joy and fears
I added up my wrong
I added up my loss
I crossed out calculation
Totals ran red in cost
Added God for calibration
Of these demons inside my head
With my full consent
I declare an enemy dead
You undid me when you went
As recollections burn
Devastated amputation
Of heart, of soul, of sin
Faith is real regeneration
I still hold salvation high
And, though you cannot see
You need to take your turn
If it was so easy to break me
Not to stop, to check, to learn
Or pretend the culprit not you
And every bitter pill I took
Reminds me I should have taken two
I accept my soul disrupt
I accept this life bankrupt
I accept it is not the end
Acknowledge debt out loud
While torment sleeps in shroud
Before you judge my outcome
Before you judge my despair
Or Tsk Tsk me destroyed
Remember, Innocence is unaware
Remember, I wished you laughter
All I wanted was you there
For the beginning, the life and hereafter
While you willed me blind
There isn’t always an after
Nor time to atone
Derisive, decisive, God is incisive
I have no answers, no more questions
I gave you a lifetime
You gave me alone
When I calculated my lessons
Forgiveness was always mine
Sealed your fated total in an envelope
We cannot calculate confessions
As Angels evicted demons
God delivered it to you
And, stamped it in angry red
For your sins this is “Now Due”

“Freedom” by Young-june Choi (Gpzang)

Artist’s comment (in somewhat broken English):
We are thrown into the intensive life.
To gain what we want, we struggle fiercely. May complete freedom be achieved only when all the struggles comes to the end.

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I just do

She asked of me
What makes you love him?
I thought of us
I thought about you
I thought about trust
& what we know is true
I thought of our words
I can’t pull away,
always towards
I thought of our distance
& my heart’s insistence
I know that apart is an ache
& that together means strong
That you’d suffer for my sake
That I’m where you belong
I tremble where you touch
That I need to feel your grace
That its almost too much
Until you ground me in place
I thought of safety in your arms
I thought of when you had to leave
Your voice gentle as it calms
Speaks a truth I do believe
I thought of God & that I’m blessed
& how to answer best
My love I cannot explain
Or contain
Words of how I Love You
So my answer is…..
I just do


Photo Credit (and sincere adoration):
“Protected” by Steve Delamare

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