Rumour Has It

Rumour has it
It got away
Rumour spoke
Took off today
It started small
Even Proportional
Rumour grabbed all
Ran with words
Even in whisper
Lean in so close
Unclear, but listen
If rumour claims it
Give up the ghost
Open the closet;
Let skeletons fall
While handed coat
Shown the door
Words cold & spiteful
Malicious slander
While standing shocked
A Truth Islander
A Capricious stranger
Your Secrets unlock
Rumour has it
And now it has you
Often it repeats
Often its true
And if Embellished,
Your Truth undressed
These petty deceits
As if you confessed
When rumour has it
Its no longer yours
Somehow it started
Somehow it falls
And nobody wins
Penultimate times
The story sings
Always three sides
But, If rumour has it
Then two of it is lies

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