I nod……

To your tirade
I nod just to keep the quiet
In my head I am elsewhere
You’ve earned my disdain
I may nod, but I don’t listen
Beat your fists upon your chest
That shows me what?
That my breasts are soft?
Yours hard with your manly maneuvers?
Ultimately you shout
I won’t play your game
I nod just to keep the peace
But, that’s not what this is about
And, the shattering will come
Into the silence I scream “PLEASE”
Then you will feel strong
To see me bloodied and broken
Then you will feel wrong
And, apologies rain from the sky
Contrite you’d bring me the moon
I’m packed, I must go soon
As I stroke your head, And cry
How, Oh how do I say goodbye…..

Posted By PastelPoetry from WordPress


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