You are closer than my own soul
You are from me, created perfectly
As God intended, flaws included
You heard my heartbeat
You thrived
My body nurtured
Kept you alive
You rested and grew
Nine full moons
I’ve always been provider
Father and Mother both
When I pictured your birth
I was there alone
My arms our home
And earth our hearth


Four Score years it seems
Of bitter dreams
Of battles and cries
Figure what it means
At punishment’s end
Dull comprehend
Of successful tears
And leave her fears
At pushing, prodding
Of husband’s lie
Of zig zag coddling
Yet never a wife
At forgive-me-nots
Lost in clots
Of bearing children
Gone to grave
Of blessed prayer
For one we couldn’t save
At rushing trusting
And forgiving the why
Standing unsteady
Failing you, too
Never darling
Say I didn’t try
The blackest night
Ends with my sigh
Enfolds me close
And deepest moon
That shines for you
Come see Viking burial
Proud woman goodbye
The flames stacked high
In memorial
Of questions why
Heart as an effigy
Cloudburst on in sky
Burn ’til only dust
And eye finally dry

Photo Credit, with admiration and thanks to: Our Lady of Sorrow” by Victoria Frances

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