I just do

She asked of me
What makes you love him?
I thought of us
I thought about you
I thought about trust
& what we know is true
I thought of our words
I can’t pull away,
always towards
I thought of our distance
& my heart’s insistence
I know that apart is an ache
& that together means strong
That you’d suffer for my sake
That I’m where you belong
I tremble where you touch
That I need to feel your grace
That its almost too much
Until you ground me in place
I thought of safety in your arms
I thought of when you had to leave
Your voice gentle as it calms
Speaks a truth I do believe
I thought of God & that I’m blessed
& how to answer best
My love I cannot explain
Or contain
Words of how I Love You
So my answer is…..
I just do


Photo Credit (and sincere adoration):
“Protected” by Steve Delamare

Posted By PastelPoetry from WordPress


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