365 Days

365 days
You left me
The days I counted in sorrow
A desire for sins unknown
The truth due home today
Maybe will be here tomorrow
I phone, and press end call
Until 31 shots of forgetfulness
Make me courageously tall
Leave me breathless on the line
You say, “Why are you counting time?”
As if leaving me was fine
And if 100 days in means a soft caress
You know I know it wasn’t mine
I promised myself I won’t recall
And, I don’t need you to confess
And 200 days in when I’m willing to stop
You say, “I will write again next Sunday.”
Yes, I hoped for a sunshiny ending
A lifetime of happiness
Instead of the message you’re sending
That you could not care less
I admit it you are winning
365 days of absence
Of abstinence, of without
Your hands, your eyes, your laughter
365 days!! I shout!
You say, “I will see you someday, for now there’s too much damage.”
Hating you was not my choice
It came with our happy never after
365 days came in and went out
I think I’ve done quite well
I even forget to think of you
It took a year, and it isn’t a disaster
Don’t bother to phone, or write or come home,
I think by now I’ll manage

😀 This is my answer!


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