Together, No

One Try
It runs red, crimson
You and me, deplete
Bathtub tomb
Consume my crying womb
Breasts compressed
Depressed by swell
A mother’s hell, yes…but
Hit you hard, I can tell
Ashen cheeks
And your silence speaks
Noose around your neck
Holds Hurt in check
Can’t help my guilt
Or walls we’ve built
And I curl up tight
As You pull away at night
And I’m somehow less
Can’t Reach you; can’t
Bless Fatherhood
I understand the mood
Your disappointed relief
Too late, time ticks; a thief
Infant gone to grave
Like hope we couldn’t save
One broken try, enough
Your mind made up
The discussion concluded
The price, a soul you’ve precluded
I expected the nail
I expected a coffin
I expected the banging
But, not all the locking
You forgot about me
Desperately knocking
My hands as tired as my hope
Still can’t shake the belief
Together, maybe we would cope
Together, maybe

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mommyx4boys
    Apr 04, 2014 @ 16:53:32

    im so sorry for your loss, and yes now i understand what you meant.


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