Who are You?

Who are you
When did you change
You said, I’ll be back tomorrow
It has all been so strange
You’ve been too long delayed
Waiting, Loving
Those principles of yours, set in stone
Where did they go
You said you were coming home
Just going to clear your mind
If you were really so lonely
Why wouldn’t you return
Perhaps, you’d gone too far
And couldn’t find your way
Maybe throughout it all
You never meant to stay
Help me let you go
Help me as I fall
It hurts, help me learn
I know you compromised who you are
But, when did you settle
For less than what was best
Explain it, so I know
Because I thought we were perfect
The things I prayed for you
I kept watch, a sentinel
You didn’t bother coming back
And now you never will
When did lying
Become second nature
You are not even trying
To help me figure it out
Who is this new you
Where is my old friend
I didn’t think I’d hate again
Or ever have such doubt
I take back my blessings
Stitched dropped, one by one
You hate it when I shout
But, I don’t know what I’ve done
I need my blessings more
You won’t explain what it’s about
The last thing I expected
Was to feel so neglected
And that you’d be my abandonment
Can’t believe you’d have a hand in it
And, that I’d be kicked out the door
You knew I had my reasons
I never meant to bore you
Or ignore you
I adored you
This has cut me to the core
Yes, I take back all the good
I had in store for us
It was meant for someone else
Someone I could trust


A season apart by NanFe on DeviantART

Pick me apart by Kanjimaru67

Posted By PastelPoetry from WordPress


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