I’m Sorry

My apologies
Have never come easily
I gave it to you
Even when
You showed no pity
And – that’s written in my book
It needed to be said
I needed a truthful look
Before we put this to bed
My apology remains sincere
Your response is another clue
Take what you care to hear
Only you know who fooled who
I stated our faults
Not only the results
Not only the debris
From my words birthed of hurt
Came my, “I’m sorry…”
My lack of intention
My wish to understand
Ensures my redemption
I loved you once
I know you loved me
I gave opportunity
You declined to come clean
Hold onto your confessions
Deceit Included
I don’t need them now
I let you go
Memories Included
I won’t hold you hostage
Or pronounce your fate
Your betrayal was perfect
But, I refuse to hate
You are a Master of Your Art
I’m certain this stains your soul
I thought that I deserved it
I thought I brought you to your knees
You never owned my heart
So, good luck with your Masterpiece

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