Missing You Mommy 04/04/2013 One Year

There’s no more you
I have no place
There is no joy
There is no trace
It burns inside
It does destroy
I see with eyes
That see right through
I hear their words
They don’t penetrate
And when I answer
I hesitate
It seems unreal
Until I try,
To see your face
In passersby
I know I must
Try saying goodbye
I cannot accept
And, I cannot lie
And goodbye can wait
In reality I weep
Where did you go
Where do you sleep
Do you still see
Are you angry
I cannot leave
I can only retrieve
These memories
Are on my sleeve
I know you loved
I know you tried
But with this truth
I know you cried
And if one day
I am so blessed
To see your face
I will confess
The guilt eats hungry
At my soul
It gets inside
Makes me less whole
And I hear you still
Say come to me
I say I will
What must I bring
I say, I am so sorry
I cry, I am so lost
I should have died
I’d pay any cost
You were more loved
You are more missed
And I’d trade gladly
I would insist
There was no choice
There was no doubt
Your love is pure
Within, without
I feel it now
I want to leave
To feel only you
To know somehow
To Scream and shout
Instead, I find
I want to make you proud
Maybe I am strong
Like you said I am
Maybe I will fall
And get up again
All I know is you
Are far away
All I know is who
Helped me up each day
Maybe it is when
I believe the least
Maybe then I’ll learn
All you tried to teach
But, I’m not ready now
And missing you
Is always loud
I love you so
It hurts too much
Just one more way
There is no more touch
I don’t know if I’m ok
I only know its one more day
And missing you
Is all I can say

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