My Mother’s Child

I am my Mother’s child
I fight and scream
And won’t be held
While inside I am dying
She taught me strength
Even if that means I’m defiant
Inspired hated Mother crimes
Diced fate outcomes
As I alienate
Still, she held me through the crying
She said, “Don’t cut off your nose to
spite your face..”
Even now, I hear her laughter
As she kept us all in place
I’m stubborn, like her; but…
No matter my sin,
She guaranteed my safety after
I never forgot to say, “Thank you..”
She always replied,
“It’s what’s Mothers do..”
As years passed
She forgot to give hugs
Life was tough,
So she answered in shrugs
She got so tired
She’d had enough
Of saving, of been brave
I know I contributed
To her early grave

False brave countenance
My Mother’s inhuman strength
While her aged body bent
I’ve heard that parents are the bones
Children cut their teeth upon
It must be true
For I, Myself, am far less strong
While my own grow tall
Stubborn stupidity against a brick wall
They don’t show respect
Ignore my words as I call
Twisted face blame me for fall
It is a type of inevitability
Even though a Mother gives all
When a child arches wings
You can say, “Come to me..”
But, they care not who they hurt
Forget tiny hand held tightly to my skirt
In broken chains all is secondary
To the freedom a soul’s flight brings
So, I will not hold you child
Nor, compress your heart still wild
I can only pray I was half as good
As My Mother was in my life
These Bones, they are willing,
To be rabidly feasted upon
But, Be sure it is understood
Store my strength wisely
For when your time will come
It is only because of my Mother
I can look myself in the eye
I am resigned, I am strength
Because I got past the “Why..?”

I watch my life you’ve feasted on
And; I know only this as fact,
It is only because I’m your Mother
I give the blessing of my bone
I would do this for you, again & again
‘Til you return, ’til you’ve won
‘Til you make it home

Photos courtesy:
Feel That Pain Again by Lost Oneself

Thank You Mommy. R.I.P

Posted By PastelPoetry from WordPress


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