I do not welcome your prescience
In my dreams
And in my shadow
My love for you is binding
I am forever your child
You gave me life
And when They thought me ready
They took, You went – You left
They lied, though
Your leaving left me steady
You need not worry now
I aim to let you go
You need not ever be sorry
Somehow, Your love stays whole
And I imagine it enfold
As you come in from the cold
That’s One day……..
But for Now…..
When I awake from slumber
And I have left you there
It is a waking nightmare
And one that can’t compare
It is your loss again and again
I love you, but that’s not fair
Acceptance hasn’t happened
It is more than I can achieve
And tricks still trick my mind
As a part of me does believe
In Gods who can be kind
Oh, sleepy eyes of loss
Gritty with every turn and toss
And dreams that follow to light
In the democracy of night
I am a residual hollow
You are my need to know
I promise I will follow
For now please let me go

Picture Courtesy of donmalo

Posted By PastelPoetry from WordPress


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