Watch You Leave

Before you leave
I confess my denial
Ask you, believe
There is only you, that’s final
I never forgot
Just a little bit lost
When our home was no longer mine
I ache in sacrificed time
But, you lift me, visit me
In the darkest night
I writhe for that connection
And ignore hurtful defection
This body that you haunt
Your arms tanned, taut
Your muscles pull tight
Physical insistence proves this right
I kiss you, like I missed you
I let down my guard, I grab hold
To feel your intensity
I unfold in your arms
This hits me too hard
Your hair is at its best
When you let it grow
Black tendrils tease blonde
We blend, you are inside, we flow
Reminds me of us; so long ago
When I was strong,
Your touch never enough
It Reached everywhere
The high is too much
In bliss I’m unprepared,
While, you read my body
Like a much loved book
These book marked pages
Pierce desire, unlocked in stages
You’ve woven your magic
I know I’m not wrong
And; I will taste goodbye
Even before you have gone
I arch, I cry, I can’t reply
I only feel, I don’t deny
On my neck
In my core,
Like before,
I feel my wet
This is us, intimate thrust
Takes all self-respect
Leave it, I don’t need it
Since Yesterday’s neglect
While you gather essence
While you inhale my scent
Your hands that know me
Feed my fever, far too slowly
Every inch of my torso
I am liquid, I am yours
So I let go, it can’t last
This time even more so
You lay me back, upon my bed
You make me wait, you alternate
My feet, my thighs, silky leg
Open of their own accord
Cannot help my sighs
My breasts released, seek your kiss
I know I am not subtle,
I know my flaws
This need overtakes,
My nails like claws
I love your sated double
But, I have not the patience
Or a will to be complacent
I hear nothing, taste nothing
I see and feel in a haze
I am compelled by your gaze
Your eyes tell me it is true
Your entry is everything
We fit perfectly
It has always been you
I remember us too well
Pinnacles of pleasure
After a lifetime spent in hell
I can’t break your stare
This insanity has no measure
I never sold it
I buried it
I lost my way
My love is you
You are my beginning, my own
I always knew
I have always lived there
You are my ending
And I wait patiently, even alone
Your eyes say you love me
To my soul, where I am bare
I weep when it is over
Tears kiss your long black hair
No more words as you dress
Almost like you don’t care
Suddenly I am colder
Drag sheet across my breasts
I doubt you would confess
And, I cannot hold you closer
I clawed you in my need,
Showed ownership with a trick
Selfishly, I want her to see
And her heartbreak breath constrict
Like mine did, I wish
You beside me,
Where you are meant to be
I hold too tight,
Like I’m bereaved
You take me, break me,
Make me let go
Each time I’m deceived
No matter how I love you
Always, I’ve watched you leave

Photo Credit:
Missing by Violet Moon
& My Wonderland/Facebook

Posted By PastelPoetry from WordPress


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Melissa
    Apr 16, 2014 @ 02:16:24

    I know who this is about 😦 You need to move forward. Can I fetch you the weekend? Love to you Babe! Hang in there! Friday is a holiday……wanna hit a few spots? Phone me alright?


    • PastelPoetry
      Apr 20, 2014 @ 13:29:47

      Sweetheart, even I don’t know who this is about! Lol No worries, spent weekend with the kids. Had a Big Bang Theory Marathon! Made huge lunch. Must go see that guy you told me about, am in Town Wednesday. Will pop in. Luv Ya Lots. Don’t worry!!


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