Lost, I’m Found

Did you check the Lost & Found box
Did you knock on the door
Check the bathroom floor
Try all the different locks
Did you try at all?
You said you know me best
Why didn’t you find me
This was a doomed test
You should have looked harder
You said you loved me best
Did you call my name
Softly, or maybe shout it?
Did you think I was playing?
I don’t want to argue
But, I do wonder about it
I still don’t have a clue
You had all my keys
I was on my knees
I begged you please
You didn’t come
Didn’t walk, didn’t run
You didn’t look
Didn’t see, what you took
You didn’t know
Didn’t care, didn’t show
I’ve been lost for a long, cold time
I’ve been hiding, in a place in my mind
Since I learned you don’t love me
And, I am….only one of two or three
Now I’m stuck
Can’t get loose
Out of luck
I didn’t choose
Can’t be fetched
I’m not around
Cannot be dressed
Alone and bound
Throw me the key
Show me the door
I won’t be heart sore
I don’t care where you go
Just let me leave
I don’t care that you’re done
I’ll be my own release
You deal with your theft
And, I can shake this disease
You already lost my respect
When I’m loose, I’ll be perfect
I allow you your excuses
Not man enough
No truth in love
Right now, to me, you’re useless

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