Burnt Bridges

Don’t burn your bridges
Until you’re sure
You don’t intend
To come this way again
Burned bridges have no floor
And sure footing is lost
Burned bridges are never the same
Be sure you won’t need to cross
I see the edges, smoldering
While pathways welcome frost
Time heals hearts
Hurt words are forgotten
But in ruined paths
Remorseful discourse is impossible
You may stray one day
Come back this way
You would be a stranger
Crossing will be improbable
I won’t know you, not even in anger
Be careful what you burn
On your way out of my life
One day you will learn
That even hurtful I was right
Don’t trash in a tantrum
What always kept you strong
Don’t do this……..
What if you’re wrong?
I refuse to rebuild, I’m tired see?
I move forward, what’s gone is gone
I will still be fulfilled, that’s just me

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