You Lose!!

Splintered spikes of hatred
Abandoned, over it
You know what you guaranteed
Companion, admit it
I know
While I lived a world you created
When I said yes to less
One that you left, defenseless
While irritants uncovered
I take back any respect
You knew I suffered
Alone in that world
While you went off playing
With others, with lust
I’m familiar with the rules of the game
Oh, yes I’ve competed
And, never have I cheated
Obscure imagined, crooked to core
You thought I’d play the same
Or, I’d never played before
You ran your mouth off more
Than a 1$ Singapore whore
Dropped your lovers’ secrets
Spoke like a bitch, an ex wife
You flung whispered promises
It meant nothing, no second thought
Dalliance with dark night
That was trust you compromised
And, it shouldn’t be sold…or bought
I am awake, I will never sleep
A distance sustained
If I believe what I hear
It’s my name you’re dropping
These days
In craven displays
Living life smiling
Revealed my secrets, intimate
I am not weakened by pain
I am immune
Don’t assume weakness
I certainly invite the contact
I defy you to say it again
This time, be a man
Say it to my face
You on flight or fight alert
You hurry to feel real hurt
If that’s how this works
I walk with back straight
It is my path, my shoes, my rules
I owe you nothing….
You Lose!

Photos by my two most favored artists:
Roberto Quintero
Sonia Verdu

Posted By PastelPoetry from WordPress


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