1, 2 Skip a Few ~ 99, 100

1, 2 skip a few 99..100

I wrote furiously;
Taking back my words
Each sentence a nail in love coffin
I took you seriously,
Though now it seems absurd to me
Yearning woman tried love
Once too often
You said I was all your plans
You said you wouldn’t hurt,
no matter my demands,
you’d never do me dirt…
You said you understood
And even broken you’d stick around
You promised to protect
Yet; somehow let me down
I said you are my last
I wouldn’t take another
That my heartache would feed my need and lead for me to smother
I couldn’t accept your love
But; insistent you became
In game you climbed floors & walls & thorns — to get to me;
To set me free and let me be……
Seemed you tried so hard,
So yes, I gave my heart.
My words, devotion ~ total trust
You said; ‘It’s ok; it’s for both of us’.
Now, I find I’m alone at night
When love’s day is done..
And sky my only light
Extinguished; Relinquished
Stupidly I perceive
Now, you’re gone forever, lies so
ill conceived
Bereaved, my heart; so close
Lose key, or persuasion in
Mourning’s rose
Lose me, to salvation; to my
Last Rope….
Forever after, now I’m my only
One word deleted, becomes a thousand
And, that is how I’ll cope….

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