Heart Broken

I made you hard
I changed your world
Now you’re unfeeling
I took your heart
You said you gave it
I gave it back
You said no returns
But, gave mine back too
It was useless, we knew
Back and forth
As we got better at this game
At its most basic
Neither of us
Could ever be the same
I tried, you won’t believe
I’ve cried, didn’t want to live
You had me
Check mate
This time my card
Was filled with hate
You took back your heart
And now carry no blame
You’ve made a new start
Told me, do the same
You left without
Giving back mine
You said you did
It will reflect, given time
Its been a year
I’m not functioning
I cannot wrap my head
Somehow I’m not calculating
I read your stars
I try to guess your happiness
I played our game too long
There is something gone
I can’t help, but miss
Its frightening
I Listen to our song
Its heartbreaking
So, I admit you were right
I do have my heart
But, its useless to me
Since we’ve been apart

Pictures Courtesy of
Hearts by ~ Rachey-Roo
Heart Broken by Sweet Hooligan

Posted By PastelPoetry from WordPress


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