Here Lies Lying (R.I.P)

(Warning: Adult Theme)

You say I got you confused
You say “I love you”
You say many things, some of them are used
You say “I was Killing time,
she meant nothing!”
Are you Divine?
That endearments from your lips can choose when they are lying?
Words said to me,
Count not when said to her?
You say “You are my everything!”
You seemed once so sincere
You squander words, the dirtied pure, lay here on my floor
I hear you, but…I feel you no more
You say I wasn’t around,
When you lost yourself?
Were you underground?
Did you crossover?
Or just cross yourself?
Penitent Lover, you were untrue
My prayers fail because of you
You say she means nothing,
An itch to scratch. Bored… just exchanged hardware.
Did you tell her that,
when she made you hard everywhere?
I read, “You stimulate me, in more ways than one.”
I think she believed you,
I know I would have done.
That nails didn’t scar, is only space
And that’s fine, its just such a waste
Comprehend, before pressing send
And hear things you said
I know what I know and what I’ve seen
And I dream I am her in between,
She said, “Do you want to fuck me or get in my head?”
You typed, ‘Ah…cocktease, I’d fuck you all night!’
Still, you think to make this right?
You said “I only want what’s real.”
You said “You are all I feel..”
Yet play games so we suffer loss
One day find real too much cost
Only you will reach crescendo
Lonely you and screamed innuendo
My only question is:
If you see me, and you’re asked:
“Who is she?’
Please don’t let your reply be,
“She is nobody….”
Admit lie to me,
Forget you were mine
And say,
“I was only killing time.”
Unearthed, again play
Tombstone: “here lies lying”

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