Just this much
A hand to hold
Fingers that trigger
Or enfold
Just this once
Can I be bold
And let my eyes linger
Too long alone
My soul wont be sold
For a man who leaves
Or to atone
Sending shivers
Down lonely spine
With trickles deliver
A love not mine
Without it I wither
I cannot forgive
I choose instead to live
And; My life is mine
No touch
Can deliver
Or replace what you give her
So I put down the phone
At least
My choices are mine
And I may miss touch
But, if not yours
I decline
Touch led me to water
It led me to depth
It took all my heart
All of my breath
Your touch is the answer
The question you know
I wish with this body
That doesn’t feel like my own
Touch led me to slaughter
Love was denied
I accepted forever
Alone I have cried
I wish you Touch
I wish you Together
I assure you this much
My tears aren’t forever
Touch will come again
When I can allow
I will find a friend
Though it cannot be now
When Touch comes again
I will understand
The greatest Touch
Is how he holds my hand

Holding Hands – a Visual Poem by Meljoy68

Posted By PastelPoetry from WordPress


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