In Dreams

Vivid these people & places
Where I’ve been
That I’ve seen
While I slept
And on awakening
I long to get
Lost babies and toddlers
Mothers gone
But mine alive
In my alternate Universe
Where you survived
Where the water is crisp
And Winter has not come
My son speaks
Adorable lisp
And I have someone
And I’m gifted things
Awake imagination
Can’t contemplate
Oh how I hate
Been taken away
From the sleep state
Where I get
To see you
And share magic
Of meeting myself
At 21
And, my photo taken
Gorgeous baskets
Of delight
That I brought home
To you
And you were happy
Still your favorite
That alternate me
Is doing what I should
I’m so reassured I could
Even if not here
Even if not real
It is solid enough
Thank you
For letting me see you
& Me
In a place
Where we are happy

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