I walk these paths of life
Thistle entwine
Ensnare combine
To trip me
To hold me down
Reminds me to atone
While my heart beats
While these busy streets
Do not touch me
Even if memory
Is nevermore
Sacristy, that Holy border
That I cannot cross
As I lick my wounds
In some God forsaken corner
In remembrance
Bravely forge new paths
This absence of home
Leaves me breathless
As I climb unenlightened
By loss still too new
I dial
Still hoping
It isn’t true
That you haven’t gone
That you quietly wait
While I come to you
The path to your door
Is nevermore
I climb in vain
Without you
The journey changed
That worn pathway ignored
A lone traveler
Seeking your door
It is nevermore
There are no arms to greet
Mutely weak
Many words hurt
So I don’t speak
While in my head
I see your face
I imagine grace
And I hear your words
Where wisdom has led
Of binding cords
This nevermore
I pray because
I steer this course
In hope always
But sorrow remains
Your smiling eyes
I feel you still
And wish for clarity
Our precious time
Is gone for eternity
I stay on, I walk
It seems no end
In sight or around
These twisted turns
Leave you unfound
Somehow I follow
I’m back at start
Only now hurtful hollow
At nevermore
Where I’ll be tomorrow
It is a circle
I realize that
I won’t say goodbye
Though you can’t come back
I wait in mists
Until I see you again
I speak to you
My best friend
If answers are too slow
I understand
Time does not exist
I will persist
Search for the door
To Nevermore
If I am still
And await nevermore
It will be back
I must wait
With definitive patience
My Heart never the same
Until we meet again
At Forevermore

Edgar Allan Poe – The Raven
Quoth the raven, `Nevermore.’

At no time did Poe’s Nevermore cross my mind while writing this poem.

Thanks, Louise

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