Tears are Fine

For so long
Eyes too dry
I thought I’m strong
Didn’t know
I had nowhere to go
The betrayal new
Then I lost you, too
Found the tears I cry
Can fill an ocean
I thought that’s just
An expression
No, for me
A confession
I hide inside
Under depression
Search for sleep
What was the lesson
This eats my need
I search for you
What didn’t I do
Search for a potion
Apportion, caution
There is none
There is no blame
You are gone
I am not the same
Your end a new start
Pain sharpens my beating heart
Like pencil shards a sharpener discards
Left behind
Tears scream
Pain moves
Inside, outside
But, blindsided
As worlds collided
And I’ve decided
These tears are fine
I may heal in time
But, for now
Remain asking how
In chain, bondage
I’m lost, its allowed
And tears are fine
If I can’t stop crying
For now, let me be
Alone in this place
Where God sees all
Grace combining
Living do the dying
A tiny piece a day
Living do the living
The dead never go away

Never Forgotten:
by Morteque on deviantART

Posted By PastelPoetry from WordPress


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