For Winter
Lucid, Lose it
My dreamed refuge
From a reality,
Lined too few
Marked face
Puts me out of place
Pink skin still new
Pills yellow, pink
Darker blue
White means
No remembrance
This hindrance
Of a kindred spirit
I did not want
To call friend
So, sleep moved in
Enchanted me
For three long years
I only heard life
From a distance
Children cried
With persistence
I lied, pacified
To go back to sleep
Said whatever
But, pain never went
I was naked, spent
I hibernated
Stored strength
For my Winter
Of discontent
Of mammoth loss
That just won’t end
I feel each pin prick
My life enters bones
As life left yours
Offspring gnaws
Heart clamped jaws
That speak
Yet say nothing
In almighty claws
And make weary
Trudging hills, nothing
God will not hear me
I have to live
Because of deathbed
lies and
When I needed more
Than coercion
When I needed you
Not inertia
When I needed sleep
Left to weep
No escape
It won’t take me
Not pills
Nor deprivation
Not 56 hours
Not red eyes
Not hibernation
Pray determination wins
Wish for mere stings
Of Angel wings
Each Sobbed Inhalation
For my own sake
To feel
To kneel
At His total control
Where prayers are
Finally, Incrementally
It finds me
I smile, Hesitantly
My friend
Still filled with lies
Gifts half hour nightmares
Always your face
My strongest wish
Stays to leave
This place
The pain is unbearable
I thought I knew it
I thought I’d get through it
Aware throughout
My dreams
Highways to insanity
Screaming before
Was merely a shout
Traitorous friend
Bend sleep
Steal time elsewhere
I am awake
I am aware
In an empty stare
But, love me again
I will meet you there
Cover my pain
So I do not care
Fairy Lights by SkyesFantasy

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4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. charlypriest
    May 09, 2014 @ 23:27:40

    I think this was the longest poem I´ve read, but love it, not only the subject or subjects but the short phrases you use, I didn´t count more than 3 words from all the “sentences” except in one. Quite original, first time I saw it, liked it very much.


    • PastelPoetry
      May 09, 2014 @ 23:58:20

      Heya Charlypriest

      Thank you so much for taking the time, not only to read, but the compliment as well!! Yes, I tend to write these long poems, they carry on and on! Like you, I rarely read (except to proof), my own poetry – I know if I read it 1st, I most likely won’t post it 😉

      Awesome Encouragement ❤

      With admiration


      • charlypriest
        May 10, 2014 @ 00:06:19

        It was my pleasure to read it. I read a hole bunch of poets, I love reading good poetry but can´t write it myself.

      • PastelPoetry
        May 10, 2014 @ 00:16:51

        I did read yours & followed you – I liked it. Lost in translation indeed, even if both are speaking English 😉 ! ❤ Using my phone & it is sooooo slow! But, look forward to visiting your Blog again soon. Once again, many thanks! Have a great weekend! XX

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