There is a prayer
Rattling bones in my head
It leaves my mouth
With no word said
The prayer begins
It will not end
Until I’ve saved all my dead
It shakes me in night
It breaks me by day
These words to God
A Repeated litany I pray
They seal my fate
And Bless my say
I didn’t watch you leave
I didn’t say goodbye
I state staccato irate
I only wished you could stay
And if there was failure
It was only mine
The truth believed
And so in my own way
Control released
Blessings inordinate
The words form clearer
As they formulate
My goal is nearer
Those bones in my head
No longer suffocate
I have always known
This strength in my being
The quiet was necessary
For me to be clean
Penance not ordinary
I no longer atone
Absolution heady
The past not my home
My voice does not quiver
My hand is steady
My voice carries far
My soul stands ready
A prayer this powerful
Left my mouth today
I am no longer doubtful
I gain in self as I pray
It went straight to Heaven
Found where you are
Beyond and resting peacefully
To realize I’ve been repeating
The very prayers
That you’ve been praying
For me

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