I searched my written words
For definition
The completion
A necessary repetition
For deletion
Those that I repeat
Those I cannot speak
Those that stole my peace
I wrote so many of them
For you
When we were new
I wrote of passion and love
But, when we knew
We faced the end
I wrote of letting go
And that I wouldn’t show
My Hurt
Then words stirred anger
You left too slowly
Yet Demanded
Even side by side
You were gone
I found my pride
I wrote that I was wrong
To believe in love
And that hurting was real
It grabbed me
Hit me into brick walls
So, the bruising showed
Countenance covered
With disappointment
The cross I touched
Showered with reverence
Around my neck
Remembrance of doing
The unthinkable
The begging, breaking and taking
I tip toed around acceptance
My heart failed me
Followed me
Your defection
Any independent quality in living
Until, finally
It was over
And the words I wrote
Decided Me
Almost kindly
Said my goodbyes
In poetry and letters
You’ve never read
But, I said what I’ve said
Put acknowledgment away
Time heals
It will show
It cannot hide
I am relieved
Semantics aside
The endless drama absurd
You chose to go
If you’ve read even one word
You’d know

Posted By PastelPoetry from WordPress © 2001


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