I got Two (Part One)

One year
Turned to two
I don’t feel
Any more lonely
Than when I belonged
To you
One lie
Turned to two
I already knew
My mistake
So the joke was on you
My heartache
For Love’s sake
One child
Then I had two
Difficulty level grew
Incrementally insane
I drowned as I
Tried to fix the broken
But, still I got the blame

You got to start over
You forgot us
Even though you’re newly sober
I learned not to hope
You can’t be a Father
If you leave me
Hanging on the rope
Not committed
So I admit it
I was so cheated
You win
For a time…
I was defeated

I asked: Tell me how
You crush the seeds you seeded
I asked: How do you
Make promises, then leave them
Said I will be Daddy
Gave what they needed
Not gifts your God gave to you
Surely your God knew
What would hold true
Because still
He gifted me two
Souls to nurture, grow, heal
I accepted, resigned sadly
I was teacher
You did it so badly
You are a sad preacher
So, I did the work
Promised I’d grow
I became two
Did the best I could do
Despite the absence of you
If I have failed
That’s alright
I didn’t bail
I stayed to fight
Even in ignorance of the full scale
I was steady
I was there every night
I was ready
I gave them my life

Posted By PastelPoetry from WordPress © 2001


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