Concrete surrounding trees
Birds and lawns and picnic corners
Never used
Bricked in borders
Landscaped fenced mews
Not enjoyed as it should
Even signage annoyed
As if it understood
States: “Keep Out!”
While inside steel enforced gates
The living quietly shout
Doors with codes
Shut closed
Behind you
Shiny and new
The world
Hurled Away
So stay
In safety
Timed precisely
As we pray
With keys and remotes
That barely jangle
Innocuous entangle
In empty pocketed coats
Before you
Lock it
Block it
A buzzer within
Controls access
Before you begin
Society’s abscess
Denied umpteenth times
Ignorance is kind
Passersby see a fortress
Overstated importance
With beautiful views
Through caged windows
And guarded news
No laughing children
Playing in watered gardens
These aging widows
Living their pardons
Seed imagined cauldron
Move curtain in stealth
And 4am candle wick
To save pennies
Of hoarded wealth
Their eyes quick
Miss nothing
Yet, miss it all
You cannot live life
Looking over a wall

Posted By PastelPoetry from WordPress © 2001


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