My convictions stand
No less important than yours
So how can you say
That your way…..
Is the only way?
When I state the same
And when I speak your name
Love and Hate still entwined
The work that’s been done
That’s all mine
An apology from you……to me
Remind me of just one?!
I remember your offer
I respected her, I said no
Because I knew she’s where you’d go
And your unfaithful fingers
Would leave me sadder
On the day I said goodbye to my Mom
I guess that’s your double standard
I guess it is your justification
Still so underhanded
You didn’t offer sex
So to you, it doesn’t count
I count an infinite amount
Of indiscretions
And evaded questions
You could not simply support
Without some self-gratification

Years on and I am still alone
I rebuilt what you burned
I made many new homes
No conversations
With a child so lost
So I picked up the slack
You get her back
I get her tears
Even after all these years
To me……
Its just another betrayal
Yes, I am pale
I lock myself in
I don’t allow you
Even one of my tears
To me you are
Every one of my fears
A liar hiding behind prayer
You can convince yourself
That I’m not alone
That I was a dream
And forgiveness has made you clean
I am living my repentance
So I can compare
You will Hear your Sentence
When your Craven heart does dare
And admits to every offense
When realization lends
The wisdom of once true friends
Your sins will follow
No matter where you make your home
Yours prayers are hollow
Because you won’t learn to atone

Posted By PastelPoetry from WordPress © 2001


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