The 1st Rose

The dinner was long and lazy
Wine sipped
Eyes rested on each other
I watched your lips as you spoke
Your hands as you expressed yourself
Big hands, veins meeting strong wrists
A sports watch and fine arm hair
Your passion for everyday things
You reached over to touch my hand
Your honesty
Tried making me understand
Who you are
I didn’t move
Though muscles tensed to stand
Run from this
Instead, I watched you
Grey eyes pierced blue
I wondered
Where will this go
Would I beg you to stay
One day
Your fingers made circles
Ever outward
I saw you notice my scars
You asked, “Did it hurt..?”
I just smiled and shook my head
Told my story before
And promised never again
After dinner and wine’s warm glow
You said, “You’re so easygoing…”
Guess you’d have no way of knowing
The conversation not spoken, flowing
Ready to leave
You held my hand
Walked to the car
You tried a soft kiss
I moved my head to the side
You got my neck, you missed
My hands on your chest
You pulled me close
Somewhere in between
There was an awkward hug
Said, “You smell amazing….”
I lit a cigarette
It’s what I do
When I watch you watch me
While I watch you
My hair tied up tightly
I set it free, with one twist
You tried again for my lips
As if it were the only way
To end a date
I kissed you lightly
And said let’s go
You hesitated
Guess you felt frustrated
You were already under my skin
I love your body
I wanted a tour
Long lean legs in jeans
Toned arms under your shirt
Black hair and Guilty by Gucci
The essence of a man
I would take you because I can
You’d allow what I demand
I wouldn’t be so alone
For a time
I said, instead
Please take me home
I saw the rejection hit you
You will never know
I saved you from my bed
Said, “You’re a sweet guy, but no…..”
With acceptance you said,
“I understand, yes…..let’s go…”

Posted By PastelPoetry from WordPress © 2001


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rob McShane
    Jun 22, 2014 @ 20:27:07

    Like a lot! Long but a rhythm and pace that kept me there…and feeling…and memories of….well, a man always wonders doesn’t he? Great stuff! Thanks..


    • PastelPoetry
      Jun 22, 2014 @ 20:41:37

      Thanks Rob (and thanks for reading the entire poem 😉 ) I don’t know how or when, but when I 1st started writing, it was always short. Now, I write these long, complicated poems and I can’t seem to shorten it. This one – The 1st Rose, actually has 4 parts. Different aspects of feelings and working through them, I guess! Hesitant to post so many LOL! Huge Humble Hugs! Have been following you on Google+ as well, so very cool to connect. Still amazed that anyone reads ’em!! Stay awesome….Louise XX


      • Rob McShane
        Jun 22, 2014 @ 20:51:04

        Keep it up…it’s the authentic you and your expression and they flow nicely! As I said, kept me to the end! I used to write longer ones and am experimenting with shorter ones as am not sure if today’s folks prefer shorter plus it makes me crisper I think!! Who knows?! 🙂 All a process and each reader has their own preference anyway!
        Yours work…carry on, I say!! Am also amazed people read mine at all and comment – so cool!! Thank you! Humble Hugs back at you…!!:)

      • PastelPoetry
        Jun 22, 2014 @ 21:23:12

        That’s so encouraging! Thanks 😀 Do you have someone who reads your stuff before you post? I write for myself and when I receive a “like” or a great comment, it just makes my day. I also use my phone (the wordpress app) and I agree, it is limiting. We will chat soon. Many thanks again! Feels good to smile (y)

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