The 2nd Rose

Friday nights
For movies, make believe, books –
alone me
At first so difficult
To accept
The night’s sound
And cars with bass thumping
And he was not around
Then being me
Became easy

I took the time
To heal
To let go
Of what was mine
And accept what’s real
Didn’t realize the power
The resilience
The brilliance
Of love

I spoke to you, in passing
We connected
Without asking
We perfected
And sharing
Until we went so deep
I trusted you to keep
My secrets…….
And you did

You gave me a single red rose
From your garden
A thorn nicked, I bled
I saw it as a sign
What we had not quite benign
Maybe you’ve given hope
Not the means to cope

It scared me
Your eyes intense
This was what I meant
I guard my heart, my defense
I said take me home
Before we start this…..
And put flame to spark
You did, and we didn’t speak
For too long
But, loneliness is harder
When I carried all the blame
Still I’d rather
Be alone, just the same


All pictures courtesy of: green butterfly
Fantasy Fairy Rose
Rose Fantasy – Kezzi
Nude: Halel « Dire News
Rose Woman

Posted By PastelPoetry from WordPress © 2001


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