Karmic Ride

Drip drip drip
Her insurance
Bottled Morphine
The bitter pain she has seen
Your deliverance
A rebuttal
And take the stand
Call your witness
No-one will hold your hand
Trip trip trip
She drags you between
Her persistence
And admired esteem
Don’t care about your story
She knows where you have been
Strip strip strip
Until eventually clean
Relentless layers
Takes confession in stride
She is dementia
She admits it
Remains a matter of pride
Hit hit hit
But, you will never get her
She is wrath
She is forgiven
The aftermath a guarantee
She is scorched from within
Spit split shift
You forgot repercussion
Thought it nothing
Until you were seen
I’m not one for rushing
You know what I mean
Admit it
You are guilty
And it eats you just like me
Beg redemption
Beg reception
Perhaps she’ll set you free
Quick quick quick
Sip from her Karmic cup
Neutralize the spill
Eventually look up
Realize it is all uphill
An easy ride, perhaps
Just made you easier to catch

Photo courtesy of: mygreekspirit.blogspot.com
Lauryn Hill – The law of Karma

Posted By PastelPoetry from WordPress © 2001


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