I am always afraid
Nerve-endings shatter like fragments
Pieces of “I cannot..”
Shards of “I am lost..”
I hide in the caverns
Of my being
Huge holes of nothing
Cloaked in unseen
Pulled to your presence
This deviance
Lends mindless incoherence
I am hidden
In love incredible
Movement almost invisible
Like fleas on black
Still, I heard your whispering
As loud as the ocean’s twilight
Waves of words
In a whisper room highlight
Like Florence harnessed
Creation within a twisted mind
I gasp at overheard
Shocked you are so unkind
The good that you have bartered
Is absent now you’re blind
I stood quietly
I gleaned every word
You need to know
How low you go
You were never cleared
In searching you are not special
You are only spit and polish
The phantasm incurred
Demolish demeaned derision
I see you and you’re wild
Made one more wrong decision
Heartfelt and idealized
The hurts that remained
Until the day I realized
You are savage, you are brittle
Love has not outlived time
You explain, but it means little
Worse you were never kind
Though you come to me
The largest bite of my youth
I step away so I can see
That you remain my unbearable truth

“Did I request thee, Maker, from my clay
To mould me Man, did I solicit thee
From darkness to promote me?” John Milton – Paradise Lost

Posted By PastelPoetry from WordPress © 2001


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