“While there’s life, there’s hope.” ― Cicero

Nothing kills hope quicker than inaction, the mere thought of DOING energizes the soul. Creates a barrier between the unbearable and the ability to cope.

I’ve always had a type of awe at the tenacity and formidable regeneration of the human spirit. As we grow older we learn that life will crush us, it will try to break us, it will daunt us, but still we overcome. We lose the very people closest to us, people leave, they destroy, they abandon; still we persevere.

Sometimes the very act of waking up is a triumph – I will always believe that. I will be 1st to admit that I have wanted to end my existence, when surrender was the more attractive option. Moments of such despair that we cannot conceive healing or success. When we react with prayer that comes from a rawness in our soul, we pray and call on our true Father, while tears flow, because we know we are helpless without Him.

Ah, but then the moments of bliss….in the rising of the sun, in my friends and the quiet strength they lend when needed, in my sisters and the complete acceptance we have of each other…flaws included. My children and their capacity to break my heart and to fill it, simultaneously. In the kindness of strangers and the strangeness of kindness – I am so small next to such immense humanity.

Even the purity of hurt that losing my Mother brought was a type of blessing, because with that came a deeper wisdom and a greater appreciation for just how fortunate we were to have her in the 1st place. God is funny like that, don’t you think? Just when we want to shout at Him and throw tantrums because the hurt is unbearable, He sends a rainbow – a friend, a sunrise, a loaf of bread, laughter.

God Bless you readers, my friends, my family. May He gift you your heart’s desires, but more than this, may He gift you Hope.

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