The Blame

You seem….White, clean
Repercussions are
On me
While you’ve escaped
And can point fingers
While your guilt barely lingers
And mine is every thing
Every word
Every failure
Every cold stare
Every bad choice
Sincerely apologetic
I accept spewed hatred
A child now a man
He knows I will take it
Lists my mistakes
Each a heartache
Each bulleted punch
Resounds with disappointment
And my whispered, “I’m sorry…”
Just doesn’t cut it
I remain…gutted
I’m an easy target
I know
How can he hate fairly?
Or even understand choices,
That made me
That gave me
No relief
Yet that stealthy thief
Took my best
Stole my youth
Exposed truth
I loved all wrong
Crazed sometimes
And so labeled
You loved my weakness
Admit just that
So he can move on
Twisted recollection
Young man 
Done with hope
Stained Blame 
Excused by hurt
If truth were currency
You know you’re cheap
I wish you clarity
I wish you’d keep
Just one promise
Because his hurts run deep
Just once honest
Admit we were clueless
Mistakes innocent
Still ruined all of us