I Am Time

With surety, I am time
Flowering or wilted
Seasons of Change
I cannot measure your pain
I only know that
If you are patient with tears
You will smile again
Oh question not the Devine
As I turn to define
The leader, the warrior
The humble, the rose
Exentential, eventual
The steely spine knows
Nightmares on waking
Blind the wonder of dreams
Turning insightful
Life’s welcoming streams
The fearless walk bravely
And fear not the dead
Listen sagely and not easily led
Welcome my courtship
Watch mystery unfold
Love infinitely inside a second
And never lose Faith
Embrace destiny that beckons
Linearity behold
Oh noble quest of breath to death
The hardest fight
Not fought yet
You have your guarantee
The ticking will end
The reckoning will prove only
How well you loved


How good a friend
How complete your forgiveness
How unforgivable your sin
Time moves sure footed
Without becomes within
Stars and Sun and Moon
I am Time and I win



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