New Rules


We were factual, punctual
We decided rules going In
Quiet contemplation
Nothing on a whim
Laid those mines as if functional
Youth gave you a head start
You seemed to need less
Just this attraction
Didn’t care about my mess
Or my constant distraction

So agreed to be a part
Of These rules for you:
Don’t lie
Don’t fall in love
Pleasure and reciprocal promise
Don’t meet….family
Don’t be….needy
Okay with been apart
Except twice a week
Don’t be a bother
Don’t take another
Or, respectfully ~ tell me

These rules work for me
More free with ten years in between
That gap that may just save me
I love your sculpted body
Hours at the gym
And no hurt contemplated
No reminder of him
A decade when I slept
You keep it in place
Mature in need
Your family and friend fan base
Not clued up, not tagged in
So I get you, I’m okay
Music, ideas and condoms
It matters little what you say
I’m monstrous when I love
So I’m glad it’s outta the way


A New Breed of Man


I see you’re hard
Crusty with belligerence
And there’s ample proof
We cannot coexist
I am soft, sensitive curves
And I cannot cope
With lines that blurr
Your eyes that smile
Yet never touch your mouth
You are a self proclaimed:
“New Breed of Man”
Tough exterior, muscled frame
You are calculated control
A New age metrosexual
Here I am, imperfectly whole
Reminding you,
……you’re not so special
I’d rather be real
I’d rather be honest
I’d rather feel
And love at my hardest
Chivalry is still sexy
And so is being kind
Precarious seed
A New Breed of Man
That wasn’t needed
And even flawed,
Femininity creates perfectly
You are a Fraud
And You are not of My design




The rain pools in earnest
Trying to prove a point
Handed my heart, hide this
Summer is at an end
And I miss you
Your broken bravery
Like salted ocean
My tears on your chin
And I feel you
Upon my skin
Bruised and weakened by sin
Under savlon water
Long haired sea weed
Catches on handles and pulls
I let it
The pain is truth
You go where I cannot
Invitation not rendered
The spite
Still takes me by surprise
Dressed crept slowly like night
Not expecting sunrise
All truths see light


Fools Fooling Fools


I should have left it
So forget it
Or redirect it
Into something useful
This energy
This body heat
…..even when we dont speak
And your hands are not your tools
Loud this desire
Of fools fooling fools
You are far too comfortable
With none of the usual assurances
Far too inscrutable
I have none of my usual uses
I hate goodbyes
With their smiling lies
I hate hellos
With their who the fuck knows
But I love you
So say goodbye before it shows
My hellos I’ll save
For one day when I’m brave



Love me for a night
If you cannot love me for two
Tell me secrets and dreams
That bind me to you
Tug at my hair
Kiss Me there
Or not play fair
Use my secrets and doubt
To figure me out
Then leave when I shout
Make me love
Make me happy
Make me try
Don’t leave me asking why
Get me talking
If already in your head
You’re walking
Inscrutable you
With your clever words
Clueless convictions
Formed useless with pain
Now love only something you disdain
With your never again
Don’t pull me in
Make love to me like only you could…
Love me ~ It’s agony
I still think you should
Don’t love me ~ At all
Don’t come
I’m good

I am Terrified ~ IAMX


You look good in leather in bars
Breaking things, breaking hearts
You look good in pleasure, in hotels
Loneliness is the key to break that spell

I am terrified, I think too much
I get emotional when I drink too much
I buy every cry, ’cause I don’t trust
I am terrified, I think too much

In your blood, the fetish
The prize of a million teasing moments blind
Will release you from the circus, the railway
But the gravity between us will keep us safe

I am terrified, I think too much
I get emotional when I drink too much
I buy every cry, ’cause I don’t trust
I am terrified!

I am terrified, I think too much
I get emotional when I drink too much
I buy every cry, ’cause I don’t trust
I am terrified!
I am terrified!
I am terrified!
‘Cause I drink too much
‘Cause I drank too much

Hot & Cold


You Say I didn’t Grab you
But; you Grabbed me too
This desire runs through me,

……inside heartbeats

Just as necessary
Who kisses your long fingers?
Who wipes your fevered brow?
When the air rushes with emotion
Whose kiss forever lingers?
Whose heart is yours now?
Still denied, devoid devotion
Because you won’t let me in
This doubt that drowns me
Leaves me shaken
Wanting more
Mere seconds after been taken
I didn’t mean to love you
But I wished like once before
And when you came
You read my body
Even where I fail
‘Til blinded by my need
I was led to unknown depths
Promises with not one vow
Left me wanting
Even when fed
Left me gasping
Seeing spilled red


I kiss and sheath claws
According to your rules
I must not mark
…..Territory not given
Yet knead with strong hands
Unintended massage
Just a way to delay
Your departing visage
As you quiet what I’d say
When being human got in your way
Still; with you I burn
……Hot and cold
Squirm remembered
And bite the hand I long to hold
That voice a constant drum
Reminds me inside my head
Says, “He swore he goes home
To No One….,
“Yet on leaving, reached a run?”