Hot & Cold


You Say I didn’t Grab you
But; you Grabbed me too
This desire runs through me,

……inside heartbeats

Just as necessary
Who kisses your long fingers?
Who wipes your fevered brow?
When the air rushes with emotion
Whose kiss forever lingers?
Whose heart is yours now?
Still denied, devoid devotion
Because you won’t let me in
This doubt that drowns me
Leaves me shaken
Wanting more
Mere seconds after been taken
I didn’t mean to love you
But I wished like once before
And when you came
You read my body
Even where I fail
‘Til blinded by my need
I was led to unknown depths
Promises with not one vow
Left me wanting
Even when fed
Left me gasping
Seeing spilled red


I kiss and sheath claws
According to your rules
I must not mark
…..Territory not given
Yet knead with strong hands
Unintended massage
Just a way to delay
Your departing visage
As you quiet what I’d say
When being human got in your way
Still; with you I burn
……Hot and cold
Squirm remembered
And bite the hand I long to hold
That voice a constant drum
Reminds me inside my head
Says, “He swore he goes home
To No One….,
“Yet on leaving, reached a run?”


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